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Regina Thompson

"Life is too short." There is some truth to this saying. I believe these famous words resonate with many because there are things in life that get in the way of truly living. Whether you are a junior level employee that is working in corporate America or a business owner who operates a small or significantly larger organization, you are part of a sector of society that works hard to make the world a better place. We also have members of our community that look after family members that are dependent on their loved ones. All of these responsibilities can easily take over our lives, and without even knowing, life can pass us by. We don't get the opportunity to truly live the way we have always wished for. Many individuals live for others and don't take themselves into consideration. We must take care of ourselves before we take care of others. This was revealed to me when my spouse passed away in 2012. Here is my story.

After the September 11 attacks, I felt a great need to pursue my life's passions. This tragic day opened my eyes and realized that I needed to fulfill my destiny to help others. I left my corporate career as a field engineer to pursue health and fitness full-time. In March 2002, I established Total Wellness, Inc (TWG). I was able to help individuals, small private sectors, small businesses, and federal organizations. It brought me so much joy knowing that I was making a difference in the lives of the many entities that I had the privilege to work with. For years, I was able to live life on my terms. I felt like I had achieved my life's purpose. I thought I've experienced the most challenging obstacles in my life. Perhaps I have experienced great hardships, but what I went through in 2012, changed my life forever. My husband passed away. It was a loss that I thought I could never recover from. Deep down inside I knew that I could overcome this devastation. My faith in God, prayer, combined with a lot of self-work and personal development were key in that journey. I was also able to overcome tragedy by speaking my truth.

I discovered a passion for public speaking through loss. I was able to tell my story. My story is "Living Beyond Devastation." I was committed not simply to survive after a loss. I was ready to thrive after loss. My experiences as a business leader and someone who has experienced tragedy has led me to help individuals who are experiencing the loss of a loved one, and help those to prepare themselves when difficult circumstances arise. When individuals experience a significant loss, I know firsthand how hopeless and defeated they may feel. I also felt similar emotions. I want individuals to see that they can overcome such powerful hurdles. If you are a person, who is searching for answers, who is searching for inner peace and hope; I am here to tell you that you can triumph over tragedy. You may feel as though you can't go on at this moment. But you can, and you will. You must fight with all that you have. You must require the will to continue on with your life. If you don't have the will, we will find it together.

Through the Widows Mansion Foundation that I have established after my great distress, I can help widows and widowers with transitional housing and support. I was also able to incorporate more services to TWG, Inc. These services include helping you to establish, protect and preserve their legacy, guide them to obtain investment and financial resources, and help support their entrepreneurial goals and objectives. I was also able to gain significant experience in speaking to diverse groups and provide them with my guidance and expertise. I can provide speaking services to insurance and financial services organizations, educational organizations, religious organizations, among many others. I also speak at events that focus on improving the lives of women. I provide counsel and guidance to groups and organizations that are in need of an expert that specializes in wellness, legacy building, and financial planning. Some of my upcoming works include my book series "Live Beyond Devastation," that will be published soon and my blog "Naked & unAshamed" and "Break Through."

Some of my upcoming works include my book series "Live Beyond Devastation: From Pain to Purpose," that will be published early 2019, a collaborative book project co-authored with Les Brown, Johnny Wimbrey, and Nic Halik titled "Break Through" and my blog "Naked & unAshamed."

I currently reside in Mansfield, Texas and enjoy traveling, cooking, and spending time with the people I love.

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